Lips are an important element of charm and appeal. Trust in experienced professionals if you don’t want to have a permanent make up of bad taste, with the outline of your lips too evident and unnatural.

When you think of a semipermanent make up of your lips you should always remember that it is not a lipstick. The colour is not over the skin but in it. So it is always a transparent colour. If well done , the effect is of a coloured lipgloss not a thick lipstick. The aim is always to improve your look naturally, bringing out what is worth and correcting the weaknesses.

You can notice that the outline of your lips becomes little by little more indented and with less clearly defined outlines. The aesthetic dermopigmentation is used to define your lips, giving colour and bettering irreguliarities, choosing a colour similar to yours, so that the slight change is totally natural and little evident.

The aesthetic semipermanent and corrective make up is fundamental to re-define and enhance the colour and the outline of lips, if they are too small or asymmetric. The permanent make up will give very beautiful results. This technique is very useful and highly valued even after a filling treatment with hyaluronic acid.