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The permanent bioabsorbable make up, also known as semipermanent make up, is a technique which underlines and makes better the features of a face, or correct tiny or wide imperfections of the skin with a skillful use of colours and art of cosmetology.

What is permanent make up, semipermanent make up and dermopigmentation?
Different names that define one only technique. As a matter of fact the three of them are a beauty technique of the pigmentation of epidermis like a tattoo because it is carried out with the introduction of pigments in the outer layer of epidermis, using a dermatograph either manual (microblading) or electric, which makes use of one or more needles according to the effect you want to create.

A couple of sessions are generally enough to obtain good results; as for the eyebrows you need on average a couple of sessions at intervals of 30/40 days, above all if it is the first time you have this beauty treatment. This treatment was born in the 80s not only to enhance, correct or underline some features of the face, but also to conceal cicatrixes due to accidents or operations.

As the treatment is “semipermanent” it doesn’t last unlimitedly: it disappears and looses colour by means of the cellular turnover which is subjective. This makes impossible to quantify its duration. You are generally advised to have a “fresh touch” every 10/12 months.
The advantage of being a semipermanent treatment enables you to carry out those tiny “fresh touches” to follow the alterations of the face. Moreover, were the results not of your liking, you can decide not to repeat it.