Do you want a natural look and even look younger? Now you can, thanks to the latest fashion … freckles made with semi-permanent makeup!

In recent seasons, on fashion shows, we have been seeing models with a totally innovative makeup enriched with fake freckles. If you have always wanted them, but unfortunately you do not have any natural ones, be aware that it’s one of the must-haves of the year. And now you can have them on your face thanks to a semi-permanent tattoo!
Thanks to the semi-permanent aesthetic tattoo, fake freckles can be drawn on your face. This procedure lasts about half an hour and boasts results that can last up to 18/24 months. As with any tattoo, the tattooed freckles are dark as soon as they are made, but after a few days, they look completely natural. We usually make this type of semi-permanent tattoo on those people who already have freckles on their face during summer months, but want to see them on their face also during the rest of the year.
Fake freckles are a major phenomenon both on social media and fashion shows. These little brown dots can give you a much more natural and clean-looking touch, the so-called “the girl next door” look, but above all they make you look younger.
If you want, now you can have them all year long, so even in gray winter days, your face will look fresh and sunny.