Eyebrows are a basic feature of your face. They distinguish you and their perfect form can give light and harmony to your face. No longer weary looks because of a wrong form or proportion of your eyebrows’ arch.

Women who used wrongly their tweezers, often turn to me because their eyebrows are damaged and don’t grow any more. The only solution is the permanent make up. Thanks to the aesthetic dermatopigmentation you can restore the line of your eyebrows.The permanent make up enables us to obtain an optical illusion of thickening or to restore the missing parts.

The aesthetic proportion of your face depends on your eyebrows, that’s why you should always keep in mind that beauty has precise rules you mustn’t leave out of consideration. Only a professional will be able to restore them correctly, finding the form of the eyebrows to be tattooed more suitable for you.

Many times the loss of the eyebrows and eyelashes can be the result of a disease or of a treatment. Chemiotherapy and radiations save your life but can give you a sad aspect in front of the mirror.

With the aesthetic dermatopigmentation and the specialist authorization it’s possible to restore your eyebrows’ arch reproducing every single hair with a natural effect. This really helps patients to face the side effects of the oncologic treatments with more strength and serenity.

The instruments used are: the microblading or the electric dermatograph.